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Botany Hits The Road

Join us as we hit the road and travel over to The Freefolk Brewery and Taproom in Fayetteville WV. We loaded up the van with all the plants and wonderful fairy décor your heart could desire for our first of many terrarium workshops abroad!

Freefolk is located at 1690 Court St, Fayetteville, WV 25840.

The Freefolk Mission

Free-spirited beer for free-spirited people. 

We at The Freefolk Brewery believe in the power of crafting things.

Wild things.

Free things.

Folk things. 

We believe that by crafting these things we can craft a culture. 

We believe in bringing folk together to share experiences, adventure, and friendship.

Craft Beer.

Craft Culture.

Craft Life.

After reading this wonderful Mission and meeting Sarah Edwards Co-Owner/First Lady of Freefolk we knew immediately this was a safe space that aligned with all of the Botany Values.

It’s a go all hands on deck!

Waking up the morning of the event i must admit the butterflies are already there. I love my job and what I do but that’s not to say there isn’t a little voice in my head that gets to me. Saying what if you mess up , your gonna forget something , you have to interact with people , the list goes on. But after my morning mirror pep talk and a quick call to my voice of reason (Roger) i was able to regain composer have some breakfast and head over to the shop to load the van.

Thankfully i had set aside all of my needed supplies so loading up wasn’t much of a task. Getting my hands on the plants and grounding myself with soil on my hands things are definitely looking up now. Just as we are finishing up loading everything we need for our event, Roger is here to save the day with my favorite Taco Bell Breakfast bacon crunchwrap hold the creamy Jalapeno sauce please.

Freefolk Taproom and Brewery Terrarium Workshop 01/28/2023

We arrive the lighting is dim the music is at a pleasant but semi loud volume with “Way of the Triune God by Tyler Childers” playing. All i remember thinking is this is gonna be a great day! The work begins we glance at the menu because I assure you I don’t plan to leave this place without sampling a Butter Beer and Greek Fries lol. Unpacking and placing the trays out for todays workshop things are a buzz and everyone is very curious about what’s going on and admittedly I’m loving energy and begin to feed off the vibe in the crowd.

Our first first Participants being to arrive. BTW this group was the best we had more fun than was legal lol.

If you have made it this far bless your heart as you can tell Blogging is not my talent. More Participants are arriving and we are checking everyone in its almost show time.

Welcome your Favorite Botany Boy Jordan to the stage and oh yeah Stevens here to.

The workshop is beginning the room is full of people and all eyes are on me. I know the music is playing and people are talking but I swear it was so quite I could have heard a pin drop. I proceed to welcome everyone and tell them what we set out to accomplish in todays workshop. the look of anticipation on the faces as I begin to take terrarium plants to each table these fine Folk are excited. Rightfully so there are plants, fairy garden supplies, craft brew and Greek food what more could a person ask for.

Passing out the goodies!

The workshop proceeded and we all had a plantastic time. Jokes were cracked both good and bad Steven even got one of his infamous dad jokes in. As the class winds down my mind starts to drift back to that Menu I swear I can taste the Greek Fries already.

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