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Botany Launches new Interiorscaping services!

What is Interiorscaping?

The process known as “interiorscaping” compares quite similarly to landscaping. only indoors. Botany incorporates the design, installation and maintenance of live plants INDOORS to enhance the aesthetics of any interior space.

Who can benefit from our Interiorscaping Services?

Are you confused about what to grow in your office, or workspace? Do you have a really bright window or a drab dark corner? Are you one of those people who says “I kill everything that I bring in!”? Have no fear, The Botany Bunch is here! Schedule a free consultation with the Botany Gang today! By calling us 304-309-4005 or simply send us an email. We are currently accepting new clients with in a 30 mile radius of our shop at 321 3rd Avenue Hinton WV 25951. After our consultation, you’ll receive a summary of what we discussed.

Botany now provides knowledgeable plant services for a wide range of clients. We service small office settings, large corporate facilities, retail properties, hotels, restaurants, churches, schools and universities, hospitals, retirement communities, neighborhood and condo associations, apartment properties and so much more. Our passion is utilizing the beauty and greenery of nature to enhance interior spaces .We here at Botany overwhelmingly agree that plants in the workplace environment promotes productivity and increases job satisfaction.

Maintenance Programs

Clients may subscribe to one of our maintenance programs where, after installation, Botany cares for your plants with a guarantee for their replacement if they die under our contracted service. Pricing and frequency will be based on your specific Planty needs. We will match the appropriate plant with the light levels and HVAC conditions to optimize growth and longevity.

Why us you ask?

I can’t remember a time when plants were not in my life. Growing up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky gardening was a way of life. From the lush garden my grandma had to the copious cornucopia my father tended, with fresh veggies that put anything from the grocery store to shame!

Plants are tied to a wonderful childhood memory for me. At only age 5 I began to show interest in my grandma’s Christmas cactus. That beautiful dark green leaf that every year would be adorned by the most stunning flower, that to me looked like a dragon (I still hold firm on this belief). And yes, before you ask, after much begging I received two leaves from that very plant that I still have to this day. Those two humble leaves times 100 or so as this plant has been growing for me now for 27 years. I can’t help but smile as the memories flow like a river every time I speak of, and see, this plant.

I’m hoping that we can find plants that will do the same for you – bring you fond memories! Plants have been a wonderful part of my life. After successfully starting that Christmas cactus my love grew stronger and it was soon followed by many, many more.

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Worried about your plants arriving safely in cooler weather? Add this insurance to your order!  We highly recommend adding Cold Weather Protection Insurance if HIGH temperatures are below 45 degrees in your location. Keep in mind your plant(s) may travel thru colder loactions on its way to you.

Cold Weather Protection Insurance is simple: We’ll personally check the weather conditions along your plant(s) journey from our home to yours, and take all the necessary precautions no matter the cost (such as using heat packs, special packing procedures, or shipping on certain days) to ensure that your plant arrives safely. If, in the rare event your plant doesn’t arrive safely, due to cold temps we’ll replace or refund it at no cost to you.

If Cold Weather Protection Insurance is NOT purchased, we are not able to cover any damages that our team determines are related to cold weather.

You can add Winter Insurance any time up until 24 hours before your order ships by placing a new order containing just Winter Insurance and shooting us an email at Botanytropicals@gmail.com to let us know.

Once purchased, Cold Weather Protection Insurance is non-refundable.

Purchasing this covers up to 6 plants in the same order no need to purchase more than one unless your ordering more than 6 plants.