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Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail (6″ Pot)


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Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail (6″ Pot)

LIGHT | When it comes to Rhaphidophora decursiva light requirements, know that it’s not entirely different from most typical houseplants which require bright indirect light for optimum growth. When grown in an indoor setting, Decursiva plant light needs are attained by simply placing the plant near an east-facing window, making them the receiving end to soft but adequate lighting. Outdoors, the plant should not be exposed to full sun, especially for longer periods, as this may eventually damage the plant’s foliage. Pro tip: Remember that in the wild, the plants would grow as an understory, often receiving filtered light. Hence, the R. decursiva should be provided with indirect light at least 10-14 hours a day.


The Rhaphidophora decursiva watering cycle is usually done once or twice a week. It’s important not to let the plant sit on soggy soil as this causes root rot infection which can seriously damage the root system. Furthermore, the watering needs of your plant may be affected by the prevailing season, wherein you may increase watering during summer, and reduce it during winter. The key to knowing whether it’s time to water Decursiva plant is to feel if the top few inches of soil already feels dry to the touch. Also, make sure to use a container with sufficient drainage holes in order to avoid waterlogging.

NOTE: The images above show an example of what your plant will look like but may not be your exact plant. Botany Tropicals examines all plants and ensures they are robust, healthy, and pest-free before sale!


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