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A little about me, Jordan, your favorite Botany Boy.

Our Botany Tropicals adventure started in October of 2021. When Steven and I opened up a booth in a small weekly flea market to sell plants. I had no earthly idea what I was doing, but I was driven by my love of plants and my desire to share my knowledge, and their beauty, with others.

I can’t remember a time when plants were not in my life. Growing up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky gardening was a way of life. From the lush garden my grandma had to the copious cornucopia my father tended, with fresh veggies that put anything from the grocery store to shame!

Plants are tied to a wonderful childhood memory for me. At only age 5 I began to show interest in my grandma’s Christmas cactus. That beautiful dark green leaf that every year would be adorned by the most stunning flower, that to me looked like a dragon (I still hold firm on this belief). And yes, before you ask, after much begging I received two leaves from that very plant that I still have to this day. Those two humble leaves times 100 or so as this plant has been growing for me now for 27 years. I can’t help but smile as the memories flow like a river every time I speak of, and see, this plant.

I’m hoping that we can find plants that will do the same for you – bring you fond memories! Plants have been a wonderful part of my life. After successfully starting that Christmas cactus my love grew stronger and it was soon followed by many, many more.

With the opening of Botany Tropicals I hope to introduce you to my love of plants so they become a part of your life as they have mine. Plants can give us a focus and help to nourish our souls as we watch and help them grow. There is a fulfilling joy that comes with growing plants for their inherent beauty. Our goal is to find you plants you didn’t even know you wanted. I strive to show you the side of the plant world you didn’t know existed.

Now you may say, “But Jordan one can only have so many plants!” To which I reply, “Quitting really isn’t even an option!” Isn’t that wonderful?!? =)


A little about me, Steven, your other favorite Botany Boy.
Loving nature, plants, and trees from an early age and having a natural talent for building and crafting. I could easily build a planter or even a greenhouse, but my plant care skills left something to be desired.

Since getting together with Jordan I’ve realized the error of my ways, and my love for all things planty, not just trees and nature. Over the course of time I’ve also improved my plant care skills with Jordan’s guidance.

Jordan jumping in here…

His natural warmth and kindness are clearly evident in the careful attention he shows to his personal plant collection, particularly if it’s a cactus, which are his personal favorite.

In addition his gift of being able to visualize what he wants to build. and then making it a reality, has
been instrumental in making our plant shop dream the constantly evolving and unique space that it is.


The third member of the Botany Bunch, Xander (they/them), is a dejected cryptid of Hampton Roads, VA that set down roots in Hinton, WV.

Between my love of plant based cooking, the treatment for my disabilities, my politics, my art and unique fashion, to my work time and play time, I literally and figuratively eat, sleep, and breathe all things planty.

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Worried about your plants arriving safely in cooler weather? Add this insurance to your order!  We highly recommend adding Cold Weather Protection Insurance if HIGH temperatures are below 45 degrees in your location. Keep in mind your plant(s) may travel thru colder loactions on its way to you.

Cold Weather Protection Insurance is simple: We’ll personally check the weather conditions along your plant(s) journey from our home to yours, and take all the necessary precautions no matter the cost (such as using heat packs, special packing procedures, or shipping on certain days) to ensure that your plant arrives safely. If, in the rare event your plant doesn’t arrive safely, due to cold temps we’ll replace or refund it at no cost to you.

If Cold Weather Protection Insurance is NOT purchased, we are not able to cover any damages that our team determines are related to cold weather.

You can add Winter Insurance any time up until 24 hours before your order ships by placing a new order containing just Winter Insurance and shooting us an email at Botanytropicals@gmail.com to let us know.

Once purchased, Cold Weather Protection Insurance is non-refundable.

Purchasing this covers up to 6 plants in the same order no need to purchase more than one unless your ordering more than 6 plants.